The Universe On The Tip Of A Pen (2012)

The Universe On The Tip Of A Pen

This book is a result of published poems in this website gathered when it’s title was “The Universe on the Tip of a Pen” (previously to “Untold Dark Ages Tales”).

Here are some words about the book from a very good friend and a terrific English poet, John Stevens:

My immediate impression was of a beautifully made book, with that astounding cover and the combination, inside, of both poems and photographs. Although the photos by Julio Xavier Valle are not the primary content, they do nonetheless add an important complementary dimension and I have enjoyed studying them.
I like the subject matter of your poems. Partly that is my appreciation of the way you bring science into your verses, making proper use of modern astronomical knowledge. The poetry in the universe (your phrase of course) is so very much more awe-inspiring, isn’t it, now that mankind has a better idea of the enormity of time and space? 
But you also write of a natural unrest in humanity to discover new things and new places. I recognise that too. This is a separate but related dimension in your book which also brings science (and geographical exploration) into harmony with poetry. 
This seems to me to be the truly modern form of Romanticism that poetry needs to open itself up to – and I very much enjoy and celebrate your treatment of these great themes in your poems.
There is even a humorous side to your writing : it’s there right in the middle of the book, with the voice of an alien, in “Delightful Home Universe”. I like that touch, and maybe I will find further examples.
I hope your book is read and enjoyed by many people. And that you continue to explore these themes – not just now, but perhaps in years to come, later in life. They are worthy of a lifetime’s thought and writing.

Do you want to know more? Contact the author and buy the book!


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