A Morte do Cântico Congregacional (2015)

This book, written in Portuguese language, is intended for those who deal with music at their local communities and churches. The author analyzes the way music is used at worship services and refers to the origin of the congregational singing in Brazil; not in the original sense as one may think (which is related to old hymns) but considering the Brazilian phenomena of the music created by the church for the church in the 80s and 90s, and, specially, in the early 2000s. The conclusion is that the congregational singing is dying and that churches must do something to fix the problem.


“What you have in your hands is a detective book. The case? A murder. The victim? Congregational singing. The criminal? You and I. Bearing the skills of an expert and using a well-chosen biblical analogy, Zé Ruy presents in lively details each and every single step of our crime. Before God’s court, the sentence is certain: guilty!

(Preface by Yago Martins)

Contact the author in order to buy the book: joseruypc@hotmail.com


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