Será Que Existe Alguém Pra Nos Salvar? (2008)


In his first album, produced with the SMD technology, the artist brings the listeners a style that matches the idea of adapting a foreign concept to his own locality. The excesses of this idea are dealt in a realistic way,  bringing what is far and abstract about it to a near and concrete context.

The “Será Que Existe Alguém Pra Nos Salvar?” SMD brings the story of a heroe who tries to salve a woman from the usual Vitória downtown falling marquees. The heroe can’t save himself from injuries, though. This story is used by the artist in order to show listeners that, even though people may have good will, they are really far from perfection. The only one who is perfect is the real heroe of the story, Jesus Christ. This story is brought as a cartoon drawn by Marcos Pedrossian.

The idea of super-heroes, which has its origin in the US, is, therefore, contrasted to this local heroe just like Pop Punk, a musical style originated in English speaking countries, is played by the artist the way he interprets it in his locality and reality. The use of the story and the musical style in this SMD totally match.

Strudel e Bisnaga


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