About the Singer/Musician

ze ruy1

Another artist is now part of Pop Punk Brazilian musical scenery. The musical style of bands such as Militantes, Onix8, Relient K, Hawk Nelson and so many others is now also played by this Brazilian artist called Zé Ruy.

José Ruy Pimentel de Castro (Zé Ruy) was born in 07/24/1985 in Brazil. He is the administrative director of the Global Policy Institute. He is also a teacher, musician, singer and songwriter, as well as a poet. He is also a member of an NGO called Transparência Capixaba and a member of the Association of Diplomates from the Superior War College (ADESG). The three main characteristics of his musical art are: 1) sing what he likes; 2) sing what spreads the gospel and 3) sing what brings reformation.

The artist’s musical activities are specially linked to “Ministério Novo Canto”, of which was one of the leaders for years,  helping his leader Geciel Santos. His musical career started, by the way, at church singing in choirs. After that, he was invited to be part of the worship group at his church around the year 2000. He has been an active component of the group up to the present day. By the time the artist became part of the worship group, he also decided to improve his talents through singing lessons with the singer Alessandra Rangel.


On 2002, he was invited to go to Yoido Full Gospel Church, in South Korea, together with the worship group in order to participate in the World Mission Congress held annually by the church. They stayed there during one month, presenting in many churches throughout the country.

Zé Ruy participated in the recording of the first album of Jardim Camburi’s Full Gospel Church, popularly known as Ministério Novo Canto, recorded live in Vitória/ES. The worship group name came from the title song of this CD. He actively participated in all the recording process, such as the recordins of the backing vocals and the choir along with other singers of the worship group, shared keyboards with José Kim and recorded the lead vocals of thwo songs. The CD has also one song written by him, and two others written together with Washington Negrão and Geciel Santos. Some of the songs can be listened at www.purevolume.com/igrejadoevangelhoplenodejardimcamburi .

Before the releasing of his first solo album, Zé Ruy participated of the recordings of Pr. Walber Weiler and Pr. Paulo Soares, both from Campo Grande/MS. It was in this same city where the recording, mixing and mastering of his album took place.



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