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I’ve blown a kissimagesCADA78ZH

to the wind

wishing it would be led

to wherever my beloved one

might be


It was first carried

by a tender breeze

having it slowly pass trees

and gently caress flowers


Being led to a more open field,

my kiss was lifted high

traveling through clouds,

overseeing castles and ordinary life


My kiss seemed to have no direction

when it was taken somewhere above the see.

Air currents fought for the present I’ve sent

taking it up and down the edge of cliffs,

its walls and its steadiness.

From then on I could not trace my kiss anymore.

The last thing I knew it had gained the sky

and if it does not reach its destination above it,

may at least the wind take parts of it

to every breathing lung there might be

wherever it is

that the wind can reach


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro



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A tender breeze caresses my faceCastleHolmes_heden_c1

I feel peace

and all the stimuli instinct makes flourish in me

are not enough to make me feel dizzy

when I look down this tower


At this time, people are asleep

I’m left here with my thoughts and destiny,

but I’m glad to know

this has been my own choice

My ultimate freedom is as close

as a step taken

deep into the dark

broken by dancing lights

here and there


I hear a whistle

It’s maybe a bird trying

to teach me something

but I’m tired of having to learn

useless things


Go away, bird!

Wait for me to conquer my freedom

Then you can come to me

I won’t complain

The sound of your flight disturbs me

and makes me think of quitting this enterprise,

but I’m not screaming to a bog

like you invite me to


I’m opening my arms

– don’t tell –

I’m diving into nowhere

– don’t tell –

I ask you, bird,

– don’t tell –

make me disappear

I don’t owe information

about my own acts

to the other frogs

– don’t tell –

– don’t tell –

– don’t…


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


•May 21, 2011 • 6 Comments

A new morning has arrivedii

She dresses up

with joy and expectancy

As she leaves her house

towards the sinuous

and mysterious,

narrow path,

entering the dense woods,

she lifts the edge of her dress

in order not to soil it

allowing her ankle to be seen

An only glance is able

to twist the head

of an imaginative young man

who is as anxious as her own


He leaves his house

Desire pouring out

of his skin

Will she be waiting for him

in the same place as yesterday?

As he approaches the location

a familiar hand comes from the left

between some vegetation

and pulls the base of his head

He falls hard

above a female’s body;

a body he knew very well

and could only touch,

and press,

as his heart beat quickened

due to the hot kisses they shared


Time, then, starts its playful games

distorting its own passing

The ground seems each time (?) damper

The air seems as humid as the leaves

they now lay above

It is difficult for them to refrain

from moaning their love aloud

even though there might be

daily morning walkers

passing by


As time comes,

it comes with satisfaction

and whispers of love

to one another

They pick up their Victorian clothes

unfortunately dressing them up again

They shouldn’t be seen together

so they decide to see each other again

the next week

for precaution

If only they could keep their promise

they wouldn’t be here today

for they combined the same thing

a day before

Tomorrow, probably,

two young people

will be out in the woods again


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


•May 14, 2011 • 3 Comments

The town is quiet

The night is dark

and the moon is dim

Imposing walls

hide the fear of villains

behind frugality

of safeness


The cold wind against my flesh

tells me every step of mine

on this street of shaped stones

takes me further into the night

in this hour that seems to be

the darkest one of the day;

a day that has begun

some few hours ago


As I approach the place

I intend to visit

and climb the steep stairway

that leads to it

I cannot help wondering

how deceiving it is to look at this house

that seems quite the same as the others,

but donates its space

to every sort of hidden activities

and desires

I came to have mine


And as I move to open the door

I hear a quick, high-pitch whistle

that seems to come from above me,

maybe from an observer in the roof

I push the door open,

and although I intended to do it silently,

The rusty hinges denounce my presence

Now I stand before its eyes

that are the only thing reflecting

the fire in the lampion

that is clearly extinguishing

unlike the look I’m given

whose fire is so vivid

and inviting

and deep

and bottomless


The tiny being

with fire in its eyes

gives me a flask

with a red liquid on it

‘Is this the elixir of happiness

– I ask –

The one that will bring the smile

to my boring face again?’

‘It sure is’ – it answers

I take a sip

and another

but it seems nothing is changed;

I feel no peace at all,

My rigid face muscles don’t move,

and the seconds and minutes that pass,

very slowly,

I still feel like ignoring


It doesn’t say a word

as my knees fold

Now I know the fire I saw

in the lampion

was a reflecting on the glass

of the light coming from its eyes


My own eyes become heavy

the same moment I hear its voice

‘This is the only elixir

I charge nobody for.

You may now find your happiness

where it is possible to be found.

Rest in peace, human.

If you couldn’t find happiness by other means

you understood the ultimate way to finish your quest

The decision to take the elixir was long taken,

and the first drop of it you made it yourself’.


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


•March 12, 2011 • 1 Comment

All human beingpeople

is a person filled

with inner conflicts

that determine

who they really are


Therefore, what they are,


is people who lack

their self-image

lost in the roles they play


At times they are Joes,

but they’ve got the Jones at other times


That’s why I live

still wishing to escape

the walls of organic mass

that keep me trapped

into whoever is myself


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


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Time is against me,1997-040747_pop_yLIhL_16085

but the only thing I have is time

All the rest is





Space is considerable

but this is not where I wanted to be

All the rest is





cords                                                   are                                                   tight


tie                                                      these                                                 bones


my                                                      people                                               suffer


hands                                                  on                                                     flesh


to                                                       their                                                  feed


wood                                                  own ground?                                       araras


…                                                        …                                                      …


bruised                                               population                                          out


wrists and                                           back                                                   of


ankles                                                to                                                      sight


pulled                                                state of                                          politicians


by                                                     painful                                                 lie


gravity                                               survival                                               death



by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


•February 5, 2011 • 8 Comments


My thankful soulultimate-sex-guide-for-newlyweds-af

will always appreciate

the promise of a shared love life

that is bound to timelessness


(a few days ago, I called you my husband

A few days ago, you called me your wife)


In my wombs

there is life;

In my head

there are colorful dreams;

In my lungs

there is air I release

as a vivid love whisper

that mingles to my nectar tasting passion

sweetening your lips,

quickening your heartbeats,

feeding me with expectancy

of heated kisses at night

and playful touches I awaited all day


This day I spent wanting

to finally run to your arms

as you pushed the door opened;

and as this day finishes

I thank God for having you lying beside me

and for another day yet to come


You, darling, mean the Moon to me;

you are the high tide forcing my shore

you are the low tide inviting me in

only to submerge me

in breathtaking waves of delightfulness


And, darling, I want to mean the Earth to you;

I want my trees to bare fruits,

my rivers to refresh your body,

my soil to be the stand of our home

and the place where our children will play


My thankful soul

will always appreciate

the promise of a shared love life

that is bound to timelessness


But for now, I decide to stop thinking this much

and accept the invitation of your arms

calling me to the coziness of our bed

and the beginning of a well-lived life

with you


By José Ruy Pimentel de Castro