Grim Reaper 42

The same Grim that came to you

came to me this dreadful night

It came to kill me

but it didn’t take my life

With its ghostly finger

it touched my forehead

reminding me of you


I was just a boy

Better said, I still am

Seeing you lying in a bed

with your right side open

and exposed inners

was (is) really hard for me

I wish I could have only heard a word from you

that moment

but I know you could barely say anything

I wanted to say farewell

but, as I used to do,

I only said good night


My good bye came as the poem

I left in your coffin

But today the Grim that came to you

came to me this foggy night

(or is it just the tears I cry?)

I wish to die after the torture

It is putting me through


This is not a beautiful poem

of previously thought verses

It’s the result of the blood

coming out of the wounds

I thought were already healed


I miss you

I always will

That’s why I know

The Grim will eventually visit me

and hold in its hands my beating heart

removed from my chest

as my head aches


“Grim, before you kill me for today

Please, say ‘farewell’ to him

Tell him I’ve written some more things

in memory of him

And, please, understand

that asking you this

is like a begging request of mine

for dying once and for all

(this is the moment

excruciating pain

makes us say things

we thought would never come out

of our mouths

It’s the moment

We denounce our rebel companions

and undo all that we have fought for

by renouncing our principles)”


I wouldn’t do it, though

I am what you taught me to be

and that’s why I know

the Grim will come to me again

anytime soon in my life

and will finish me

just for another day

Farewell… for now

by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro

PS: I just found this poem I had written but I didn’t publish it for some reason I really don’t know. This is the original number “VI”. The previous poem number “VI” is now entitled “VII”.


~ by joseruypc on April 21, 2013.

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