My thankful soulultimate-sex-guide-for-newlyweds-af

will always appreciate

the promise of a shared love life

that is bound to timelessness


(a few days ago, I called you my husband

A few days ago, you called me your wife)


In my wombs

there is life;

In my head

there are colorful dreams;

In my lungs

there is air I release

as a vivid love whisper

that mingles to my nectar tasting passion

sweetening your lips,

quickening your heartbeats,

feeding me with expectancy

of heated kisses at night

and playful touches I awaited all day


This day I spent wanting

to finally run to your arms

as you pushed the door opened;

and as this day finishes

I thank God for having you lying beside me

and for another day yet to come


You, darling, mean the Moon to me;

you are the high tide forcing my shore

you are the low tide inviting me in

only to submerge me

in breathtaking waves of delightfulness


And, darling, I want to mean the Earth to you;

I want my trees to bare fruits,

my rivers to refresh your body,

my soil to be the stand of our home

and the place where our children will play


My thankful soul

will always appreciate

the promise of a shared love life

that is bound to timelessness


But for now, I decide to stop thinking this much

and accept the invitation of your arms

calling me to the coziness of our bed

and the beginning of a well-lived life

with you


By José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on February 5, 2011.


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ZéRuy e os Subversus, José Ruy P de Castro. José Ruy P de Castro said: BOUND TO TIMELESSNESS […]

  2. José, I would like to feature this poem in December on my Poetic License series. Once a month I post great poetry that I find by searching blogs such as yours. I know December is a long way off but I’ve been busy trying to nail down all the poems for the year and December is all that is left. If you allow me to use your poem, you will get full credit and a link back to your site.

    Three times a year I will also be combining the previous four months into one large magazine style post. If you don’t mind please let me know. If you would like to see an example, the first magazine issue of the last trimester of 2010 was posted on January 6th ( with the poems from Sept-Dec of 2010.

    Here is the link to the January Poetic License ( if you would like to see it before you decide.

  3. Hi, everyone.

    Right now I’m in Argentina studying for my master’s degree. I’ll be back to Brazil in 2 weeks. Due to the uncertainty of having the available time in order to reply to all comments on this new poem (or any other contained in this blog), I ask you to forgive me this time if I don’t do so.

    Thank you for paying a visit to my blog; you who came to know it through Tom Baker, through Jingle’ Poetry Potluck, and you who got to come here by any other means. I hope you like the small piece of universe contained in here.


    José Ruy Pimentel de Castro

  4. A beautiful proclamation of love, Jose.

  5. powerful piece.
    welcome sharing…


  6. oh love! love your poem 🙂

  7. love sings songs in our heart and churns out poetic melodies on our pen- good write! here’s my potluck in case you have not read~

  8. I graduated with a master s degree in political science from the University of Hawaii and am a PhD candidate at the same university.

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