The essence of the world is chaoschaos

but humans pretend not to see it

It surrounds us

and it can be seen

even behind the fragile walls

civilization builds

in order to give meaning

to this complete madness


Every passing second

chaos extracts the essence of life

using a tool called randomness

on the hypocritical unaware people

passing next to those artificial walls


Chaos is present

in the process of building

the next unit of measuring time

It greets us everyday

with the possibility of accident

by every sort of means

If we try to perceive it

maybe we will be able to see its shadow

if we look back

from above our shoulders

turning our heads

when we sense

its powerful presence


If you had any chance to stand against it I would say “beware”

but the only thing


can say to you

is to be prepared

and organize your miserable life

before it gets you

Do it only if you have beloved ones, though

Otherwise, just live every second as a gift

because, organized or not,

it won’t make any difference after you are gone to your complete oblivion


Vanity of vanities

Our attempts of living are destined to fail

Vanity of vanities

That’s what all things are before chaos


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on November 22, 2010.

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