Every one of us, humans, The Eye Of God Nebula

will die one day

It is the same old fate

of the stars,

filling our sky


When a star goes

its surroundings

continue its saga


Spinning mass upon its own core

Spilling vivid colors

like Earth’s polar auroras

towards the depth of the universe


When a star dies, it’s still there

It is endured by great nebulas

that testify the amount of eternity

given for that star to shine


Nebulas stand there

until another star dies

The explosion of the other star

may cause them to disappear,

but they will try to stay still

and keep the memory of the dead star alive

by existing the next second,

and the other,

and the other…


Aren’t humans like this?

Don’t we try to remind the world the ones we love,

but have already gone?

Aren’t we the ones through which the works

of our gone significant-others

still live?



Nebulas we are,

around the icons of our family

society, country and race

Living a life

lapidated by others

That’s how traces of existence

can be found

through the universe

and human history

What separates them,

universe and human history,

is just the thin glass

of a mirror


Every one of them, stars,

will die one day

It is the same old fate

of ours; humans

filling the graves below


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on March 25, 2010.


  1. I like your comparison of human lives with the life and death of nebulas.

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