To exist but to be fadedcaronte1

That’s the state it is in

The gray spectrum floats

Upon the hot air

and sulfur gas

Walking through the rocky tunnel

Reaching the river

Charonte is waiting


From here it’s impossible to know

Whether there is still humanity left,

Or memories of the acts once done,


That led it this way

The underworld starts while walking

Toward the home of the dead


On this stage, memory hurts

The agony of not having control

of time,

The grief of not being able

to do it the right way,

The anger that makes many people

kill themselves

if only they had a body again


The next stage is to forget

who it was

Dimes are given

The boat is guided its way

By the one whose skin is bones,

whose bones are fire

And whose soul is evil


When in the river, all is forgotten

Cerberus comes to its margin

to eat the memories left there

delightfully tasting the emotions,

and dreams that had been put aside,

and hope that had been placed upon wrong things,

So many beautiful things

that had never come true


Oh Charonte, Oh Charonte

You take the souls into deep darkness

and with the help of you, vile demon

the soul starts facing

the visceral part of the underworld

There, they find Hades himself

scoffing at their miserable faith



There is no way out

There is no savior here,

no gods or saints

There is only eternal despair

and flames cauterizing your flesh

as you madly contort in pain



That soul is just another demon’s food

And they eat it with the pleasure

of knowing all the potential it once had

Now, it’s all dust

It’s all gone

It’s like it had never existed



Human life turned into ashes

One moment of eternity is gone

Many other spectrums are coming

Oh, humans are good to Hades

They please him with their way of life

It takes them right to this kingdom


This kingdom is hell


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on February 26, 2010.

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