Hi there!443145a-i1.0

Would you like a piece of cloud?

Get some asteroids from my galaxy

to make it crispy

You seem to be lost. Want some help?

Just follow me…


This is my home universe

Delightful one, isn’t it?

I know you come from outside

But I’m not afraid of you, stranger


Jump these planets with me, will you?

Watch out not to fall

If I can’t catch you, you’ll fall forever


Don’t worry.

This muggy dirt you stepped onto

is just our neighbors’ sun

No, it’ll not burn your weird clothes

It’s an old and dying one, see?

(they envy ours, you know?)


Look behind

The fog you can see growing

when you look to my home planet back there

is there because we are leaving my home galaxy


Now, things get a little more dangerous

Don’t look at me like that!

You’ll do fine!

(But this I’ll have to whisper

There’s an outcast around here

Vile and despicable

Only people who had seen it far away

Have had the chance to warn the rest of us

Everything or everyone it comes close to, disappears

It’s called the Black Hole

If you see it, run as fast as you can

Get into one of these dusty rings

And wait for it to go)


My head starts aching

This is the end for me

I can’t go no further

Can you see? My leg started to twist

and I can already see myself reflected

as if I saw a ghost

in the strange passing time of the space ahead

Out there is the multiverse

ruled by different physical laws

Goodbye, stranger

Go into the multiverse

and let me return to my small, single (uni) verse


One day I’ll be old enough

to go into the multiverse

… and one day I’ll live forever

to come to know the Third Sky

(which is after the multiverse, by the way)

Ever heard of it?

It’s out there

But if you want to go there

you have to be able to reduce yourself

to particles

(that’s the only way you can go through the eye of a needle)


Hope I have helped you

Hope you the best

Let me go back to the safety

Of my delightful home universe


Oh… let me just confide you something

I could take myself in an instant

wherever I wanted to

I’m a child, you know?

I know the Kingdom

where you are possibly going

But you are a grown up

so I had to guide you

step by step

The part of you

that would take you anywhere

with the eyes closed

is long gone

I wish you could just pop up into the Third Sky

but you can’t


So, go into this multiverse

Beware of the different things

will be presented to you

Try to find the traces of the infant

you once were

This way, in the end of the multiverse

you’ll soon find yourself

in the Creator’s arms


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on December 22, 2009.


  1. I like the approach on the theme….It works quite well, great job!!! Happy potluck!

  2. I like your conversational tone here… it sets the reader at ease as you talk some big stuff. Coolio. Enjoyed this first visit to your blog



    (mine are here –

  3. beautiful!

  4. wohoho- really inspiring!

  5. Very creative and kind of mind blowing. Great job.


  6. I really enjoyed this…creative and unfolding. Thanks.

  7. such passion and beauty! This was carried a lot of depth and the words you used I feel in love with!!!


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