From the bottom of the ocean129_1355-Ju%C3%ADzo%20Final

Dark is broken by

glowing eyes


They look up and stare at me

I can feel their envy

Hidden frenzy


I was made to rule the Earth

but the Earth is not for me

even though I’m swimming here

In an instant, something changed

From a hot and thirsty land

look up dazzled eyes

Glorious sky


They look up and stare at me

I can feel their fear

Fallen tear


Now I’m made to serve the kingdom

It took long to finally come

Now I see Him on His throne


It was my faith what made me just

Now I’m part of eternity

But I’m sad for those who are not

I’m just glad I wrote this before everything happened…


From the words you read right now

you may have a chance

Broken heart


All the stain’ll be washed away

You may live forever

New omega


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on November 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “EPIPHANEIA”

  1. vivid and fun piece.

  2. Amen…thanks for sharing my friend xx

  3. You’ve got some amazng images in this poem. And the ending radiates hope…

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