We are in a certain position400px-Solar_sys

in the universe

And there is a bigger star

We gravitate around it

This star is in the center of our universe

whether we like it or not


And it’s this last fact

that determines how long

our solstices are


Some of us are aware of this star

in the center of our universe

It is this star that gives us warmth

and light

Therefore, we want to be closer to it

and our solstices are short,

almost irrelevant

The solstices exist,

but they are soon forgotten


Some others are also aware of this star

in the center of their universe,

but they may not understand its existence

and, therefore, this star is not real for them

even though the star gives them warmth

and light

So, they want to be distant from it

and their solstices are longer,

They are centered in themselves

and they like to live alone

in their universe

They are blind to see

(or pretend not to)

the protection and benefits

this star gives them

They are cold and lonely

and life itself is not possible

in a place like this


My fellow friends,

we are part of this universe

We cannot run from it

We cannot hide from this fact

Let’s learn to love this star

and be grateful for the existence of it

Our own existence depends on this star!

Let’s make our solstices shorter

and I assure you

our universe will be much warmer

and our existence filled with purpose

if only we quit liking

the long solstices

the dark side, freezing part

of our ego-centered lives


by José Ruy Pimentel de Castro


~ by joseruypc on July 31, 2009.


  1. magical space traveling,
    beautiful delivery..

  2. feel free to visit a few poets from our list.
    Happy Monday poetry potluck,
    love your support…
    your poetry is delicious to have and we are happy to read you.

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